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About our services
To provide mid- to high-level executives and professionals with career transition services, we combine a team of consultants with more than 10 years of experience in various industries and a full range of job matching channels to create the best career development opportunities for you on the premise of privacy and confidentiality. Our professional and consultative recruiting services further help you make a successful career change and build the next peak of your career.
Service Process
Jobseekers service process - Step1

1.Apply for 104 HeadHunter jobs Apply for 104 HeadHunter jobs

Select and apply for a job that suits you on 104 HeadHunter website

Jobseekers service process - Step2

2.Our consultants will conduct a recommendation assessment for you Our consultants will conduct a recommendation assessment for you

Consultants review background information and provide referral services for qualified candidates

Jobseekers service process - Step3

3.Assist you with interviews Assist you with interviews

Arrange interviews with companies for candidates and communicate with companies on remuneration-related matters

Jobseekers service process - Step4

4.Confirmation of employment letter Confirmation of employment letter

Assist the candidate in handling the employment letter after the company confirms the employment

Professional services
Jobseekers - Professional services

Resume information confidentiality guaranteed

Ensure the privacy and security of your resume for job changing, and submit the letter of recommendation to the company only with your consent

Bringing you the best job vacancies

Headhunting cases commissioned by various industries, targeting mid- to high-level and sought-after jobs

Professional consultant team

Professional career advice and matchmaking services from consultants with over 10 years of industry experience

We provide you a platform to develop your career with a variety of the most sought-out job opportunities