CTO / Technical Manager of eCommerce
Computer System Integration
Face-to-face negotiation
General Company | Senior 2022/05/14


CTO / Technical Manager of eCommerce
Computer System Integration
Face-to-face negotiation



Job Advantage

an information company


[Work content]
1. Plan the company's product technology development route, formulate and realize the product technology strategy direction, and product technology innovation goals
2. Lead the development team, including web front-end, back-end and iOS/Android APP, and formulate the goals of each development team
3. Cooperate with different departments of the company to drive the company with technical capabilities to achieve optimal production capacity, high efficiency, and enhance the company's business interests
4. Use agile development and Scrum methods to build and improve software quality
5. Demonstrate cross-departmental leadership and provide strategic thinking and feedback on products and product roadmaps

Ideal Candidate

[Vacation conditions]
1.8+ years of work experience
More than 2.3 years of experience in leading technical teams
3. Proficient in any front-end and back-end languages, with solid technical development capabilities
4. Familiar with git version control
5. Familiar with cloud services (GCP/AWS/Azure)
6. Good technical thinking, good judgment and mastery of projects

[Bonus conditions]
• Practical experience in CI/CD development
• Familiarity with Golang or .NET Core
• Familiar with ReactJS
•English communication skills, international work perspective

[Personality Traits]
• Willing to share and mentor work partners
• Passionate about learning, passionate about technology, able to learn new technologies quickly

Other Requirements

Education:No Limitations
Department:No Limitations
Experience:Over 8 years of experience
No Limitations
Management Responsibilities:Not need to bear any management responsibilities
Business trip:No business trip required

Employee Benefits

Required by law:週休二日,家庭照顧假,勞保,健保,陪產假,產假,特別休假,女性生理假,勞退提撥金,安胎假,產檢假,就業保險,職災保險
Benefit system:年終獎金,三節獎金/禮品,零食櫃,旅遊假,結婚禮金,生育津貼,員工進修補助,部門聚餐,員工優惠

Case Number:FG15004980

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