Software Design Engineer
Commercial Bank
Face-to-face negotiation
Specialty Personnel 2022/04/13


Software Design Engineer
Commercial Bank
Face-to-face negotiation




1. Responsible for the use of machine learning and deep learning to develop models and apply them to financial scenarios
2. Responsible for the pre-processing and feature engineering of model development data
3. Cooperate with IT/AI deployment engineers to provide services for the launch of machine learning models

希望具備推薦算法、graph algorithms、異常偵測等機器學習建模經驗
 Graph Theory應用範例:以graph方式儲存&運算客戶數據,並找出潛在關聯等
 異常偵測應用範例: 異常金流偵測、異常交易、異常登出入軌跡等

Ideal Candidate

1. Graduated from graduate school (inclusive), with more than 3 years of practical experience in machine learning or deep learning modeling
2. Have a solid data processing and data analysis experience for more than 2 years
3. Familiar with common machine learning algorithms such as GBDT, collaborative filtering, LSTM (with practical experience); or familiar with text mining work (e.g. keyword extraction, sentiment analysis, content summary and visual presentation)
4. Good at learning, with good communication and independent problem solving skills
5. Familiar with graph theory, graph storage, and practical experience is preferred
6. Experience in distributed data processing is preferred (e.g. Hadoop, Spark)
7. If you have experience in data competitions such as Kaggle, or experience in publishing papers in related fields, please provide relevant information as an attachment when you provide your resume

Other Requirements

Department:Information Management
Experience:Over 4 years of experience
English:Listening/Fluent Speaking/Fluent Reading/Fluent Writing/Fluent
Management Responsibilities:Not need to bear any management responsibilities
Business trip:No business trip required

Employee Benefits

Required by law:勞保,健保,陪產假,產假,特別休假,育嬰留停,女性生理假,勞退提撥金,產檢假,就業保險,職災保險

Case Number:FG04003002

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