AI Vision Scientist

Software Design Engineer
Commercial Bank
Face-to-face negotiation
Specialty Personnel 2022/04/13

AI Vision Scientist

Software Design Engineer
Commercial Bank
Face-to-face negotiation




1. Responsible for the development of machine vision solutions to meet the needs of product managers
2. Responsible for applying the latest deep learning algorithm innovation to the research and development of financial needs
3. Responsible for the establishment of the recommended labeling algorithm for customer operations
4. Independently complete MVP (minimum viable product) verification according to user needs
5. Cooperate with IT/process planning to build an end-to-end complete service plan

Ideal Candidate

1. Graduated from graduate school (inclusive), engineering/technical/electrical related departments, familiar with computer vision/deep learning/machine learning
2. Good at Python (necessary) / C# language
3. Familiar with deep neural network design in computer vision related fields
4. Familiar with deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras (or related tools), good at algorithm development in Linux environment, and knowledge of OpenCV related development is preferred
5. Practical experience in optical character recognition (OCR)/object recognition/face recognition is required
6. The explanation of the project needs to be able to clearly state the principle, and the ability to actually adjust the deep learning network architecture
7. When providing your resume, please also provide computer vision related development project GitHub or related work briefings as a reference to facilitate professional verification

Other Requirements

Department:Information Management
Experience:Over 4 years of experience
English:Listening/Intermediate Speaking/Intermediate Reading/Intermediate Writing/Intermediate
Management Responsibilities:Not need to bear any management responsibilities
Business trip:No business trip required

Employee Benefits

Required by law:勞保,健保,陪產假,產假,特別休假,育嬰留停,女性生理假,勞退提撥金,產檢假,就業保險,職災保險

Case Number:FG04002381

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