Mini LED

Face-to-face negotiation
Listed | Junior 2022/06/23

Mini LED

Face-to-face negotiation


Mini LED

Job Advantage



1 Responsible for Mini LED backlight / display manufacturing process of technical / engineering management.
2 Collaborate and communicate between equipment vendors and engineering team to implement new process and in-line manufacturing.
3 Support and work closely with engineering teams to troubleshoot and prepare the right fixes or technical explanations for any issues that may arise throughout the certification processes.
4 Coordinate R&D, sales, manufacture on design changes and NPI review which might impact material readiness and project quotation.
5 Understand engineering issue reporting, debugging progress to think ahead of project delivery impact, material preparation risk.
6 Collaborating and communicating between customer and engineers / validation team to avoid communication gap or misunderstanding.

Ideal Candidate

1 Experience in Mini LED package or process
2 Familiar with product engineering management
3 Experience with manufacturing process of Mini LED display/backlight
4 Familiar with the equipment of die bonding / AOI / repair & rework / mass transfer
5 Familiar with substrates(PCB / MCPCB / FPC / glass) characteristics and application.
6 Ability to set up manufacturing line to a new site / factory.

Other Requirements

Education:No Limitations
Department:No Limitations
Experience:Over 5 years of experience
English:Listening/Fluent Speaking/Fluent Reading/Fluent Writing/Fluent
Management Responsibilities:Not need to bear any management responsibilities
Business trip:No business trip required

Employee Benefits

Required by law:哺乳室,週休二日,家庭照顧假,勞保,健保,陪產假,產假,特別休假,育嬰留停,女性生理假,勞退提撥金,安胎假,產檢假,就業保險,防疫照顧假,員工體檢,職災保險
Benefit system:員工紅利,年終獎金,三節獎金/禮品,員工宿舍,員工餐廳,健身器材,不扣薪病假,新人假,員工進修補助,員工教育獎助學金,子女教育獎助學金,部門聚餐,社團活動,家庭日,配發公務機,特約商店,伙食津貼,員工團體保險

Case Number:FD00004837

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