Semiconductor Equipment
Face-to-face negotiation
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Semiconductor Equipment
Face-to-face negotiation



Job Advantage



1. Manage and lead business, application engineering and customer support teams to achieve high-performance revenue and profitable sales goals
(1) Develop private brand equipment customers
(2) Maintain and promote relationships with existing customers and original manufacturers and develop new customers
(3) Identify and develop new business opportunities to expand the image and influence of the company and its brand
(4) Establish effective methods and improve ineffective methods
(5) Improve customer satisfaction
(6) Daily supervision and management by the sales team
(7) Set and manage department budgets
(8) Recruit and cultivate team talents
2. Formulate short, medium and long-term strategies and forecast markets, products and services
3. Others

Work output:
1. Achieve short/medium/long-term strategies and forecast sales targets with high performance
2. Responsible for the profit and loss of the business group
3. Annual budget of Taiwan

Ideal Candidate

1. High mobility: able to respond proactively and quickly to problems and opportunities
2. Challenge the status quo: Encourage to ask questions and challenge existing standards to achieve breakthrough performance
3. Customer orientation: Emphasis on continuous improvement of processes, products and services to explore new organizational methods
4. High-tech orientation: applying or developing high-tech products
5. Streamlined organization: maintain a small number of employees to ensure maximum efficiency
Accepting change: Willing to make or adapt to changes, and adjust the organization and roles within the organization to cope with the changes
6. Respond quickly to business needs: able to quickly develop products, plans and strategies before paying attention to details
7. Be brave in taking risks: Promote taking risks to gain the upper hand
8. Take responsibility: do not shirk responsibility and take full responsibility for the final results

Other Requirements

Education:No Limitations
Department:No Limitations
Experience:Over 10 years of experience
No Limitations
Management Responsibilities:Over 13 Personnel
Business trip:No business trip required

Employee Benefits

Required by law:勞保 健保 陪產假 產假 特別休假 育嬰留停 女性生理假 勞退提撥金 產檢假 就業保險 職災保險

Case Number:D000009588

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