Chief Marketing Officer

Product Planning Manager /Project Manager
Face-to-face negotiation
Listed | Mid-level 2022/08/02

Chief Marketing Officer

Product Planning Manager /Project Manager
Face-to-face negotiation



Job Advantage

A large listed cabinet company


1. Formulate short, medium and long-term marketing strategies, and plan different marketing activities for B-side and C-side.
2. Maintain media relations, improve brand awareness and create online voices.
3. Annual marketing budget planning, related effectiveness and risk assessment.
4. Have the ability to analyze and summarize data, and be able to flexibly adjust the marketing strategy and direction.
5. Develop brand strategic partners, deepen cooperative relationships, and create synergies of alliances.
6. Lead team members to create ideas, and communicate brand spirit and positioning through various marketing channels.
7. Planning of large-scale brands and public relations activities, connecting online and offline marketing and promotion resources.

Ideal Candidate

1. More than 5 years of marketing team leadership experience
2. Have e-commerce related marketing experience, familiarity with e-commerce industry background is preferred,
3. Possess the ability of digital analysis, can understand the general situation of consumers and then formulate marketing strategies
4. Unlimited creativity, able to lead the team to communicate with consumers through various marketing methods
5. High pressure resistance, can flexibly adjust the marketing plan according to the company's strategy

Other Requirements

Department:No Limitations
Experience:Over 5 years of experience
English:Listening/Fluent Speaking/Fluent Reading/Fluent Writing/Fluent
Management Responsibilities:Not need to bear any management responsibilities
Business trip:To be determined

Employee Benefits

Required by law:勞保 健保 陪產假 產假 特別休假 育嬰留停 女性生理假 勞退提撥金 產檢假 就業保險 職災保險

Case Number:CA02005506

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