DevOps / SRE

MIS Programmer
Face-to-face negotiation
Listed | Specialty Personnel 2022/05/11

DevOps / SRE

MIS Programmer
Face-to-face negotiation




1. Data service XX platform maintenance, monitoring and management.
2. Automatic program development and monitoring of data processing flow, and establishment of standard operating flow SOP for emergency handling.
3. Assist in high-availability deployment, backup/restore and troubleshooting of data application scenarios.

Ideal Candidate

1. More than one year of DevOps / SRE related work experience, good communication skills, careful and patient.
2. A high degree of learning and willing to receive relevant training.
3. Familiar with Linux operating system.
4. Understand containerization (Container) technology (eg: Docker).
5. Those who have used Kubernetes in a formal environment are especially good.
6. Those who have deployed or set up a monitoring system are preferred, including various monitoring solutions such as Nagios, Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana, datadog, ELK, etc.
7. Know all kinds of scripting languages, and those who are familiar with one scripting language are preferred.
8. Understand the basic operation of version control (git) commands.

Other Requirements

Department:No Limitations
Experience:Over 3 years of experience
No Limitations
Management Responsibilities:Not need to bear any management responsibilities
Business trip:No business trip required

Employee Benefits

Required by law:勞保,健保,陪產假,產假,特別休假,育嬰留停,女性生理假,勞退提撥金,產檢假,就業保險,職災保險

Case Number:B000002842

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